PRESS RELEASE: Keesing Technologies’ Customer Onboarding Solution Now Live

AMSTERDAM, December 9, 2019 – Keesing Technologies, the leading global identity verification provider, announces the release of its new ID verification solution for remote customer onboarding. The solution, which comes as a web API, is part of the cutting-edge AuthentiScan product suite and helps organisations achieve regulatory compliance while streamlining their customers’ onboarding journey.  Accuracy, ease-of-use and reliability are key features of the new AuthentiScan web API.

The AuthentiScan web API[1] offers a seamless identity-proofing system enabling financial institutions (FIs) and other organisations to onboard new customers on-the-go, without the need for customers to deliver identity documents to a branch office. In the web API, Keesing combines its trusted ID document verification with biometric facial recognition and liveness detection functionalities, guaranteeing an extremely secure customer identification process.

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